Buffs Talk Science episode 1: The first pancake

Graycen and Alison discuss plastic eating bacteria, ocean currents, Ryan Zinke, and ostracod penises. Then Zach and Max jump in to talk about a recent CU Boulder publication about air pollution. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!


Want to learn more? Check out our sources!

The information on PETase came from this BBC article by Mary Halton and this Nature paper by Xu Han et al.

Alison read this Nature editorial for the discussion on change Atlantic currents.

Graycen first learned about Ryan Zinke’s penchant for geology from this article by Sara Ganim and another piece by Jill Filipovic, both of CNN. Information on the shrinking of Bears Ears National Monument came from a report by Eric Lipton and Lisa Friedman at the New York Times. The EE News article containing interviews with accredited geologists and oceanographers on Zinke’s drilling policy is by Pamela King and Nathaniel Gronewold. Many other helpful sources shaped this discussion. If you feel like visiting Ryan Zinke’s LinkedIn, knock your socks off.

If you want to learn more about ostracod penises in a giggle-free format, please read Ed Yong’s article for The Atlantic.

Zach and Max discussed a super cool Science paper on air pollution from volatile organic compounds by McDonald et al. of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in affiliation with the University of Colorado – Boulder. Max Levy wrote this wonderful piece about those findings for the Science Buffs STEM blog.

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