Episode 2: The Future Is Moles

Graycen and Alison talk about science stories that blew us away this week, including: a freshly discovered blue dye! The Gaia space probe’s data dump! Weird moles! Next, Kelsie Anson comes on as a special guest to talk about the science in the movie Rampage. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

The article Graycen references in the story about a new blue dye is a wonderful read — it includes an interview with Mas Subramanian, who developed YInMn, and an excellent history lesson on dye discoveries.

For the story about the Gaia spacecraft, Alison read this piece from Nature, which includes both helpful charts and gorgeous space videos. If you want to learn more about Gaia or download all the data it’s collected so far, visit the European Space Agency’s website.

ETH Zürich published this story on artificial moles that detect and report common cancers.

Information about Scott Pruitt’s new total transparency policy for the Environmental Protection Agency can be found at USA Today

If you want to learn more about the science in the film Rampage, read Kelsie Anson’s article on the Science Buffs STEM Blog. If you want to experience this film, hurry — it’s being yoinked out of most theaters this Friday (May 11).

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