Bonus Episode 1: The Golden State Killer and personal genomics

In our first bonus episode, Graycen and Alison discuss how the Golden State Killer was caught and the thorny issue of personal genomics companies. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!


A lot of this episode’s information on the Golden State Killer comes from Michelle McNamara’s incredible book, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, which Graycen wholeheartedly recommends you purchase from your local bookstore. Information about the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. came from this Washington Post article, from Ars Technica, and from the post-arrest press conference with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, which you can watch here. Information about the Woman without a Face and the Cotton Balls with More of a Face than One Might Expect can be found in this article from The Independent.

If you want to learn more about personal genomics websites, you can visit the websites for 23andMe, Ancestry, or GEDMatch. Tread thoughtfully!

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