Episode 4: What’s your opinion on free will?

As usual, Graycen and Alison share some stories they read and enjoyed this week. This week, Alison read about how feeding cows seaweed reduces methane in their farts, and Graycen read about how physicists may have proved free will is a real thing! Next they talk to Dr. Sam Boyd, a scholar of biblical texts at CU Boulder and one of the directors of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It’s a delightful conversation about the science of preserving documents and the science of proving forgeries. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!


For her story on how to make cow farts more environmentally friendly, Alison read this article by Rebecca Rupp for National Geographic. She also mentions this piece by Benjy Egel of The Sacramento Bee and this article from Foodtank. Want to further benefit from Alison’s knack for finding interesting scatological science stories? Check out her piece at Science Buffs about how important alpaca poop is for rehabilitating the land exposed by receding glaciers.

Graycen promises she read about quantum mechanics before she talked about the Big Bell Test, but gosh, it’s slippery. She read this New Yorker article by David Kaiser like three times before she sort of got what was going on. You can read the original study, authored in part by scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, here.

Dr. Boyd talks about this article for The Atlantic by Ariel Sabar about the forged “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife,” which is an incredible read. He also mentions the Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment (OCHRE) at the University of Chicago (where Dr. Boyd got his PhD), about which you can learn more here. If you want to learn more about Dr. Boyd and his work, check out his faculty profile and the Center for the Study of Origins website.

We highly recommend the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and the whole Denver Museum of Nature and Science! You can get more information on their website.


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