Episode 8: No Self-Reported Shrieking

Graycen and Alison talk about leeches, sharks, imposter marijuana, and a geological controversy. After the break, they are joined by CU Boulder Professor Dr. Zoe Donaldson to talk about prairie voles and loooooooove. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Alison leeched off of this STAT article while she was learning about the antibiotic-resistant bacteria in medical leeches, and Graycen chewed on this article from The Ringer when she was learning about sharks. Check out that gif! Graycen also listened to the amazing Ologies podcast (specifically the recent Sharks episode), which we hope is next on your podcast playlist after Buffs Talk Science.

Alison tried to read this WIRED article about imposter marijuana, but sadly had already read her 4 free articles for the month. Luckily that prompted her to read the preprint of the source paper on biorxiv, which is an absolute delight. With a name like “Genetic tools weed out misconceptions of strain reliability in Cannabis sativa: Implications for a budding industry,” you know you’re in for a good time. It’s a very readable paper with some fun anecdotes, so you should check it out.

For her story about a geological controversy, Graycen used this Atlantic article. It’s a treat!

To learn more about Dr. Zoe Donaldson, check out her lab website or her twitter. She’s probably the coolest, best PI we know, so if you’re looking for a PhD/postdoc/tech lab…. we have a suggestion….

See you in two weeks for episode 9!

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