Episode 9: Keep Doing Your Wild Fox Things

This week Graycen and Alison talk about roman roads and fancy foxes. They’re joined after the break by Zac Holmes and Jeff Stehlin to talk about bees! They discuss bee democracy, choosing a queen, how you can help the bees survive, and more. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Alison learned about how Roman roads correlate with today’s night-lit economic centers from this article by Christopher Ingraham for The Washington Post. Thanks, Adrian, for cluing us in on this story!

This article by Catherine Matacic for Science taught Graycen that the secret to making your fox friends friendlier is to alter a handful of their genes. You can learn more about Dr. Anna Kukekova’s work in foxes by reading her recent paper in Nature.

Be sure to check out Beeyond_Buzzd, the exquisite Instagram account about Zac’s and Jeff’s bees!

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