Bonus: A friendship formed on mutual embarrassment

We couldn’t get all our stories into the last episode, so here’s a very giggly story about bug vomit and an infuriating story about gender, doctors, and heart attack patients. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!


You know what they say: a group barf a day keeps the predators away. Alison learned about the intriguing defense mechanisms of sawfly larvae from this piece in Nature. Holler at Kelsie Anson, who sent us this story.

Graycen read this study in PNAS about how women are less likely to survive heart attacks if their emergency care physician is a man. This article by Angus Chen for Scientific American provides an excellent run-down of the findings. Graycen mentions previous studies about how women take longer to report heart attacks, how women with acute abdominal pain wait longer for analgesic pain killers than men, and how the patients of women doctors have better outcomes overall. An excellent profile by Ashley Fetters on the “health-care gaslighting” some women experience was published in The Atlantic the day after we recorded. Make sure that wherever you work or study, you’re not creating an unwelcome environment for women or colleagues from under-represented minorities — it’s probably very important that they stick around.

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