Episode 10: Any Type of Stabber, Really

This week, Graycen and Alison talk about glamorous spiders, ‘shroom microdosing, concrete batteries, and blooooood. Then they sit down for a very special interview with Joe Palca and Maddie Sofia from NPR about science communication and the Friend’s of Joe’s Big Idea network. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Graycen read this super sick article by Matt Simon for Wired about how to make male spiders more bangable to female spiders. Please follow that link to look at these spiders. They are cuter than normal spiders.

To figure out exactly how many mushrooms we should be eating before we record, Alison read this article by Sharon Begley for Stat. Get ready for lots of creative insights next episode.

Akshat Rathi wrote about Energy Vault’s concrete energy storage in this piece for Quartz.

Chelsea Whyte wrote an article for New Scientist about how bacteria can make all blood more like O- type. In the meantime, consider donating blood (if you aren’t being prevented from doing so by the sluggy guidelines that freeze out men who have sex with other men), especially if yours is naturally O-.

We talked to Dr. Maddie Sofia and Dr. Joe Palca about the FOJBI program and science journalism and science communication in general.

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