Episode 15: Doing a little ‘murderoo’

Graycen and Alison talk about a couple of stories from the week: Alison talks about how llamas could help us fight the flu, and Graycen talks about a stem cell scandal! Then they sit down with James Utterback to talk about nanocrystals, solar power, James 2, and Harry Potter. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

If you like pictures of llamas and people sneezing (or just delightful science reporting), check out Katherine J. Wu’s story for PBS’ Nova about how llamas might help us prevent the flu.

Graycen read two articles about Dr. Piero Anversa by Gina Kolata of The New York Times. This story harkens back to Episode 7‘s coverage of a different piece written by Gina Kolata about injecting things into people’s hearts and to Episode 3‘s discussion of Theranos’ downfall.

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