Episode 17: Something Something Temperature Regulation

Graycen and Alison finally get to talk about the CRISPR babies! They also talk about the evolution of birth canals, so it’s a baby-heavy episode. Then they interview Dr. Orit Peleg, a research at CU Boulder who studies how small animals make big decisions. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!



Alison read a lot of articles about He Jiankui, including this STAT news story and this Vox article. For extra credit, you can watch the videos He Jiankui put up on Youtube discussing the his work.

Graycen read this story about pelvises and the evolution of birth canals, so if you want to learn even more about babies we have your back.

Max Levy wrote about Orit Peleg’s work for Science Buffs. You can follow Orit on Twitter or follow her lab’s news here.  She also collaborates with Dr. Boris Kondratieff and Tristan D. Kubik  at Colorado State University.

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