Episode 18: Kind Of Gross In The Face

Graycen and Alison talk about cute aggression, eavesdropping viruses, and plants on wheels! (Sorry, there are some strange transitions this week.) After the break they interview Ryan Harp about how the weather affects violent crime. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!



Graycen read about cute aggression! Do you experience it? Buffs Talk Science is 50/50. Then we badly transition to talking about viruses the eavesdrop on bacteria (thanks Ed Yong, again) and THEN we badly transition to talking about cyborg plants. Throughout, we manage to mention cats more often than usual.

After the break, Ryan Harp joins us to talk about his recent paper about how the weather influences violent crime rates. Alison covered this in the past for Science Buffs, and Ryan has been interviewed by CPR, among others!


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