Episode 20: Tooth Tartare

Graycen and Alison talk about cricket terrorists, magnets (how do they work?), blue teeth, and weird injections. After the break they interview Dr. Jorge Nicolas Hernandez Charpak, creator of Latino Labs, and his fellow host Andrea Marton Menendez. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!


Quick, read these articles about the cricket story Alison covered, then let’s meet up and start writing a script for a lushly stylized TV show about American diplomats in Cuba who start experiencing what they think might be sonic attacks and then realize that they’re actual trapped in a supernatural predicament. It’s going to feature warm, retro visuals, and we’re going to win a lot of Emmys for it, but they’ll mostly be in technical categories. [an: Have I already written show notes about making a critically-acclaimed magical realism-y show based on a science story? I feel like I have, but IT DOESN’T MATTER; IT’S AN EVERGREEN CONCEPT.]

Graycen read about Earth’s spooky, mysterious magnets. They can be in the show too, except that they make it seem more like Lost than a spooky version of The Americans.

Alison read a really cool story about how scientists identified a woman who illuminated medieval texts. Plus, Graycen can’t hear the words “lapis lazuli” without getting a song from one of her very favorite albums of all time stuck in her head, which was a nice bonus.

This article about the Bible/Quran injections doesn’t have good descriptions of the science it’s covering, but this article by Ryan F. Mandelbaum about sperm injections is a thing of beauty.




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