Episode 21: Dropping Baguette

This week, Graycen and Alison talk about poaching, the pill, and particle physics. It’s P soup! After the break, we air an interview that was conducted over Skype with Dr. Arjun Raj. Arjun talks about why he thinks cells might have free will, about the importance of effective communication, and much more. The sound quality isn’t quite up to our usual snuff, but we think you’ll find it interesting regardless. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Alison talked about how elephants might be evolving to have smaller or nonexistent tusks, as a response to poaching. There’s some poetic justice here, we think.

Next, Graycen talked about the birth control pill, and about the side effects we don’t understand and have ignored for a long time—because they’re positive!

Finally, Alison talked about how the field of physics might be in jeopardy. Now that the very expensive Large Hadron Collider has done its duty, what’s next? A more expensive collider?

After the break, we air a video interview we conducted with Dr. Arjun Raj, an excellent biologist with some cool ideas about communicating science.



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