Episode 22: French Kissing a Butterfly

In this episode, Graycen and Alison talk about mosquitos on diets, blood on shrouds, and germs on tissues. Next they interview Dr. Paula Cushing, an evolutionary biologist who studies arachnids (spiders and similar creatures) at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Alison learned about how to make mosquitoes less hungry from this article by Matthew Warren.

Graycen read this article by David Adam, this abstract from Dr. John Jackson, and this Wikipedia page to learn about the Shroud of Turin. Also, we spent a while Googling whether you could see allegedly holy genitalia imprinted on the Shroud, but you know what? We didn’t find any good references about that.

You can learn more about the very suspect business model of VaevTissue from Sarah Sloat’s article for Inverse.



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