Episode 25: The Mermaids Are Still Safe

This week, Graycen and Alison talk about some science stories they enjoyed this week, including stories about refrigeration, natural painkillers, and the frog-pocalypse. Next they interview Kaitlin McCreery, a Science Buff and mechanical engineer. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Graycen read about making more efficient refrigerators using liquid crystals! Spoiler alert: they don’t work yet, but scientists are excited about them.

Alison read about a woman who produces her own painkillers and chill-out meds: her body basically produces its own cannabinoids! Um, anybody else INCREDIBLY jealous? Second spoiler alert: it has some downsides, too.

Next Graycen talks about a fungus that is wreaking absolute havoc on most frog populations. Ed Yong has an incredible piece about it in the Atlantic, check it out! Final spoiler alert: the mermaids are fine.

After the break we talk to Kaitlin McCreery, who’s doing some awesome materials science in tendon cells.


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