Episode 27: Chunky Bubbles

This week, Graycen and Alison talk about twins, billboards, trash, and quakes — but TWIST: they’re all in space! For this space-themed episode we also interview Abhi Boppana about his work on space suits. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Learn about the Kelly brothers and their wacky DNA differences in this article from Carl Zimmer at The New York Times.

Sarah Zhang tells the incredible saga of Pepsi in space at The Atlantic. Jon Christian at Futurism reports on Russian PepsiCo and StartRocket’s plot for sky dominance and on the possible cancellation of said plot.

Learn more about space trash by reading Kai Schultz’s piece about it in The New York Times or by watching this space for news about Graycen’s upcoming erotic novella, Space Trash, which is features a space aristocrat who falls in love with a space peasant. It going to revolutionize the genre.

Alexandra Witze writes about the first recorded marsquake for Scientific American, but you can learn more about the definition of tectonic activity by googling “define:tectonically active.”

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