Episode 31: This has nothing to do with hats

This week, Alison takes a break, so Graycen is joined by Max Levy! They talk about vampire birds, the persistence of Dr. Sarah Stewart, comedic computers, and raccoon dogs. After the break, they talk to some of the co-authors of Yes She Can: 10 Stories of Hope and Change from Young Female Staffers of the Obama White House about coroners, trauma-informed care, and the need for scientists in government. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes!

Graycen learned about vampire birds from this piece by Joshua Sokol at The New York Times. The study was conducted in part by Valerie McKenzie at CU!

Leila McNeill wrote about Sarah Stewart’s bonkers science story for Smithsonian Mag.

Graycen learned how to make her computer funnier from this article by Limor Gultchin et al. Unfortunately, her computer remains distinctly personality-less.

We’re not sure yet where Max learned about raccoon dogs, but we’ve imported a raccoon to terrorize him until he tells us.

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