Episode 32: I’ve never met a young person

Graycen and Alison talk space mold, big algae, devilish millennials, and bugs! Then they talk to Lindsay Diamond, vaccine advocate superstar, about vaccine hesitancy and her non-profit, among other things. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes! Note: the sound is a little worse than usual in the first half of this episode, but we fixed it for next time– bear with us this week!

Space mold!
Article: CBS News

Big algae!
Research paper: Mengqiu Wang et al., Science
Article: Madeleine Gregory, Vice
Article about the engineers tracking Sargassum: Mexico News Daily

Millenial horns!
Article: Nsikan Akpan, PBS NewsHour

Bugs on bugs!
Research paper: Federica Boiocchi et al., Journal of Medical Entomology
Article: George Dvorsky, Gizmodo

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