Episode 34: For The Greater Bad

Sorry the episode is a little late this week, folks! Graycen and Alison talk about cat allergies, chem trails, and polluted lakes. After the break they talk to Jeff Cameron about the biochemistry of bacteria and the life of plants and animals. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes

Cat allergies!
Research paper: Ebenezer Satyaraj et al., Immunity, Inflammation, & Disease
Poster abstract: Ebenezer Satyaraj & H. James Wedner, EMJ
Article: Erika Engelhaupt, Science News
Bonus semi-related article about Licki, a nightmare product for cat owners: David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Lake pollution!
Article: Chloe Williams, Atlas Obscura

Article: Fred Pearce, Yale Environment 360
Research paper: Lisa Brock & Ulrike Burkhardt, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

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