Episode 41: I’ll Drink Any Milk

This week, Graycen and Alison talk about a fight in the field of sexual health and addiction, and about a story in which picky eaters and socioeconomics collide. Then they talk to Jess Smith, a PhD student in the department of Information Science, about her field and research questions.

Graycen’s references for Science vs. NoFap

  • Article on NoFap lawsuit against Nicole Prause: Samantha Cole, Vice Motherboard (November 13, 2019)
  • Article on sex addiction paradigm: Suzannah Weiss, Vice Motherboard (October 28, 2019)
  • Research paper on attitudes of NoFap community members towards sex and women: Kris Taylor and Sue Jackson, Sexualities (2018)
  • Research paper on sex addiction: Nicole Prause et al., Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity (2013)
  • Summary of Prause paper on sex addiction: Megan Gannon, Live Science
  • Oooh, actually way better: Review on sex addiction models: David Ley et al., Current Sexual Health Reports (2014)
  • Article from a more NoFap-sympathetic perspective: Olivia Solon, The Guardian
  • Nicole Prause’s Twitter
  • Article from Gary Wilson, YourBrainonPorn.com

Alison’s references for picky eaters and socioeconomic class.

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