Episode 44: Tell That To My Gout

Graycen and Alison talk about some science stories they read this week, including stories about body temperature, tractors, 23AndMe, and frog cell robots.

Tractor hacking (which is kind of old, but with some new developments)

  • Article on tractor hacking: Jason Koebler, Vice Motherboard
  • Article on right to repair: Kyle Wiens, Wired
  • Article on old John Deeres: Adam Belz, Star Tribune

Creepy frog robots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Article: Matt Simon, Wired
  • Article: Joshua E. Brown, Science Daily
  • Journal article: Sam Kriegman et al. PNAS (University of Vermont and also Tufts)

Retractions of 2019, as mentioned by Alison

Brrrr…. It’s cold in here (here=our bodies): 

  • Article in New Scientist by Rodrigo Pérez Ortega 
  • Paper in eLife, by Myroslava Protsiv et al

23andme made a drug??? 

  • Article in New Scientist by Jessica Hamzelou 
  • Article in Bloomburg by Kristen V. Brown

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