Episode 45: Heeehhhhh

This week Graycen and Alison talk about fungi, snails, spooky orchids, and a talking mummy. How do you feel about Nesayamun’s voice? Tweet at us!

I like my coffee like I like my snails – fungus free

  • Article for Michigan News by Jim Erickson
  • Paper at Ecology by Hajian‐Forooshani et al

Nesyamun, the hero mummy we deserve! 

  • Article for The New York Times by Nicholas St. Fleur
  • Paper for Scientific Reports by D. M. Howard
  • Article for Seeker by Rossella Lorenzi

Orchids are the bomb

  • Article for Kobe University blog by paper authors
  • Paper for New Phytologist by Kenji et al

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