Episode 48: Doin’ a Poke

Graycen and Alison avoid the topic of COVID-19 and instead talk about alcoholics anonymous, space lettuce, undertaker bees, and vaccine delivery.

Alcoholics anonymous

Article: NYT by Austin Frakt and Aaron E. Carroll

Paper: Cochrane Reviews by John F Kelly, Keith Humphreys, and Marica Ferri

Space lettuce is as good as Earth lettuce

Article: Eric Betz, Astronomy

Paper: Christina M. Khodadad et al., Frontiers in Plant Science

Will I ever get tired of talking about bees???? 

Article: Science Mag by Eva Frederick 

Paper: Ping Wen on BioRxiv

Vaccine candy!

Article: Maria Croyle, The Conversation

Paper: Irnela Bajrovic et al., Science Advances

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