Episode 50: The Panopticon Got Me!

This week Graycen and Alison talk about some science stories from the last two weeks, including: a space salvation, a Portuguese plant, a sea surprise, and a religious riddle.

Our first space rescue!

Article: Eric Berger, Ars Technica

News release: Northrup Grumman

Aha! Blue!

Article: Isaac Schultz, Atlas Obscura

Paper: Nabais et al., Science Advances

Sea clam 😦

Article: Claire Lampen, The Cut

Article: Brigit Katz Smithsonian Mag

Research paper: Jennah E. Dharamshi et al., Current Biology

Do big gods like big cities, or do big cities like big gods?

Article: Harvey Whitehouse, Patrick E. Savage, Peter Turchin, and Pieter Francois, The Conversation

Seshat (the database)

Paper: Whitehouse et al., Nature

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